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Tambohuaylla Social Project

"The keystone of any trekking company is it's workforce"

Here at Peruvian Paths & Adventures we recognise and celebrate the importance of our team and the land they allow us to use. Without the porters, horsemen and the chefs the treks simply would not happen.

It is because of this fact that we will donate $10 USD of every overnight trek to the communities and villages of our team to remind them we are forever thankful.  

Helping the local communities is going to be a lifelong endeavour, starting with what we believe to be crucial for any child, of any age, education!

At present the school at Tambohuaylla has no running water or bathroom facilities, so this will be our main project to start with. 

We will be supplying the children with school equipment including books, pens, pencils, paper and sports equipment. 

Also many of the children do not have any food to eat whilst at school and many of them do not have a decent pair of shoes to wear whilst making the hour long walk in the cold to school, this is something else we shall address.

We also aim to improve the children's healthcare as this is something they are in desperate need of. 

Our future goal is to provide scholarships for all the children so they can provide for themselves and their families whilst having a better quality of life.

Tambohuaylla is located 4 hours East of Cusco City and sits at an altitude of 3800m, life up there can be extremely difficult. The community of Tamboyuallya is one of many scattered along the mountain sides in the Lares Valley. There are around 100 families living within this community. Most of which do not have access to clean running water, electricity and a regular food supply. 

We plan to improve the lives of all our staff and the communities they belong to and plan to spread throughout the country to help as many families as we can.

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