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Peruvian Paths and Adventures

makes the adventure of your dreams and unique experiences in Peru come true.

Established in the Machu Picchu expeditions
since 2018, always demonstrating the quality of service with our teams of bilingual professional guides, cooks and properly trained porters, to create an unforgettable experience

Our Story

Peruvian Paths and Adventures! It is a dream come true with many years of work, effort and dedication to the Tourism industry. My name is Edy Huaman Tumpay,I was born in a native community called Huayllaccocha, my first mother lenguage was Quechua where I lived throughout my childhood, I looked for the best opportunity to get to the city of Cusco and learn Spanish, where I worked first as a porter and cook to the Inca Trail for 8 years where I had the opportunity to share different cultures with visitors, so I decided to study an Official Tourism Guide at a Higher Institute. There I learned my third language, English. I worked for more than 10 years as an Official Tourism Guide leading different routes such as the Inca Trail, Salkatay Trek, Lares Trek, Rainbow Mountain, Humantay Lake and others where I did the Inca Trail more than 300 times. I have been more

I am currently General Manager of the company Peruvian Paths And Aventures. We are a Peruvian receptive operator Travel Agency company in Cusco Peru. Legally established with RUC 20603849796, specialized in traditional tours, tourist packages with the main tourist destinations in Peru, trekking and the most famous route for visitors "Inca Trail" With central office in the city of Cusco. With over 10 years of experience in the Peruvian tourism industry, our team is second to none and we do everything we can to make your trip worthwhile, memorable and unique experiences. Our company was founded with the intention of guiding you on these incredible tours, walks and sharing with you our customs, culture and tradition of our region, in addition to helping to improve the lives of the locals by generating employment through our social project in the community of Tambohuylla. We work closely with our properly trained guides and porters, men and women, to guarantee quality in our services, with the desire to satisfy all the expectations of our clients. "True Peruvian experience on your trip to Peru"

Mission: Our mission is to provide a top quality experience to our customers around the world. Creating an unforgettable experience that motivates you to explore the customs, traditions, culture and incredible geographical diversity of Peru. For the safety of our clients we use high quality equipment, also our company staff is properly trained in different areas to provide quality service to our clients 24 hours a day. In this way we will provide our service in a responsible, organized and sustainable manner, preserving our environment and concentrating on helping local communities. We provide tourist packages that contain the main tourist attractions of the coast, mountains and jungle of Peru. The packages are prepared according to the availability and condition of the client.

Vision: Our vision is to position ourselves as one of the best companies in the Peruvian tourism market with the greatest presence of clients in the national and international market and to be competitive by creating new tourist destinations.

The values ​​in the company


We are a local company in the city of Cusco, which always seeks the satisfaction of our clients with our services provided, going one step further and meeting our expectations according to the aforementioned, strengthening the bond of trust that exists with us and To our clients, we always demonstrate transparency and honesty and always have a constant commitment.


We demonstrate punctuality and total responsibility in the development of our services. Punctuality is demonstrating good work habits towards our clients, always complying with all the aforementioned schedules and always being aware of any requirement from our client


As a tourism company, we have the responsibility to provide quality, guaranteed and personalized service 24 hours a day or during the scheduled travel time from entry to the country to departure. It is very important to have an efficient production process and meet the wishes of our clients, making our clients feel satisfied with the services provided by our company, but always demonstrating a commitment to social objectives and causes.


As a company dedicated to economic activity we practice contribution with all the people who are around the company. Always putting sustainable and supportive tourism into practice. Thus creating a social project in the community of Tambohuaylla in the District of Lares, province of Calca. To promote a job for the people of that community in crafts and others.

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