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Super Sacred Valley Vip Tour Full Day 

Pick up from your hotel in Cusco between 06:30 a.m. and 06:55 a.m. to begin our journey to the north of the region. Our first stop is at the Chinchero Archaeological Center, where we will stop at a local community to discover the Textile Interpretation Center. Then, we will visit the Moray Archaeological Site, known as the Inca Agricultural Laboratory, and continue the trip to the Salt Mines to explore its famous Salt Mines. Later, we will head to the town of Urubamba, where we will enjoy a delicious Buffet Lunch that combines the best of Peruvian and Andean cuisine. After lunch, we will go to the Archaeological Site of Ollantaytambo, formerly an Inca dairy farm and starting point to Machu Picchu. Here, we will immerse ourselves in history by exploring its iconic stone terraces, the Temple of the Sun and the fountain of the Princess Baths. On our way back to Cusco, we will make a stop in Pisac. We will ascend to the majestic archaeological Site built on the top of a mountain. Upon descending, we will have the opportunity to visit its vibrant artesanal market, where local expert artisans offer unique pieces. The day will culminate with our return to Cusco, around 19:00 p.m. to 19:30 p.m.



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