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After a delicious breakfast at the Hotel, a staff of our company will pick us up and take us to  "Maria Reiche" Aerodrome where our adventure begins and we will enjoy a breathtaking view from the air on a 35 minute flight over one of the greatest creations of the Ancient World, The Nazca Lines. Discover the fascinating geoglyphs in the Nazca desert declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Our aircrafts have guaranteed panoramic seats and windows, which will make you have a wonderful experience and have detailed information of the pilot in several languages ​​while you travel to the 12 Geoglyphs in the Nazca Lines: The Whale, Compass, Trapezoid, Monkey, Dog, Hummingbird, Spider, Condor, Alcatraz, Parrot, Hands and Tree and return to our hotel. At the afternoon our private mobility will pick us up and we will drive to the tourist bus station where we will take our bus and we will have a night trip to Lima


We accept the following payment methods:

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Please note: There will be a 6% fee for any deposits paid through PayPal

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