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Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) Full Day

At 08:00a.m. our staff will collect you from your hotel and will move to the first spot of the day, we will meet with the group and with our professional guide. The Inti Raymi ceremony takes place in three different places.

1.- Qorikancha or Temple of the Sun, beginning of the Inti Raymi route with the ceremony called "Salute to the Sun". This first part begins with the sound of the pututos and the entry of the acllas, musicians and dancers, to later receive the Inca, this place begins the first rituals. Duration approx. of 1 hour.

2.-Plaza Mayor of Cusco or Huaqaypata (Main Square of Cusco). , is the second point of celebration of Inti Raymi. Here the "Meeting of the Times and Coca Leaf Ceremony" ceremony takes place, where the Inca and his entourage meet on the great ushnu or ceremonial stage.

This second part begins with the entry of the musicians, beginning the entire presentation, so that the Inca then heads towards the main altar installed in the center of the plaza, beginning with a greeting to the sun god, then he makes himself present. . the provincial mayor of Cusco, having a meeting with the Inca, giving him this quipu as a symbol of organization, work and commitment, finally the Inca and the Qoya surround the main square to later go to the last stage of this ceremony, Sacsayhaman.

3.- Explanada de Sacsayhuamán, is the third epicenter of the Inti Raymi and the central ceremony, since this is where most of the staging of the Inti Raymi is concentrated, starting with the entrance of the Qoya and the Inca accompanied by dances, music and chants, and then begin the central ceremony with the appearance of the leaders of the 4 of theirs announcing the state in which their regions are located, so that finally the Inca begins the rite of offering, sacrificing a llama in honor to the sun god. Duration approx. of 2 hours


*Let us remember that this ceremony is carried out in Quechua, the original and ancestral language of the Incas.

START: 09:00 a.m. In Qorikancha Temple in (Av. El Sol).

CEREMONY: 10:30 a.m. In Hawqaypata Plaza (Main Square of Cusco).

CENTRAL CEREMONY: 01:45 p.m. In Chukipampa Esplanade - Sacsayhuaman.



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