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Tour Uros Floating Island Half Day

The Uros floating islands are located in the bay of Puno, 10 km away from the port of Puno (20 to 30 minutes of navigation). The Uros were one of the oldest ethnic groups that inhabited the highlands, dedicating themselves to fishing and hunting birds, depending entirely on the Totora (Aquatic Plant of the Lake), a plant with which they build their islands, houses, rafts and that also give them it serves as food and fuel. The construction of the islands are with large blocks of the roots of the Totora, the reason why they can float is due to the porosity of the blocks helped by the gases that their decomposition produces. After joining these blocks, the inhabitants put a Totora layer, the same one that must be replaced every 20 days, these islands are anchored by means of sticks.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours.


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