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Tour Uros and Taquile Island Full Day

After breakfast at the hotel, transfer from the hotel to Port of Puno, where you will board a motor boat to visit the unique floating islands of Uros are located 6km from Puno. The residents of the Uros were one of the oldest ethnic groups that inhabited the lake Titicaca, who used the aquatic plants “totora reeds” that grows in the lake, to create life conditions and ensure that the islands stay afloat. The dense roots that generate these plants support the island. The islanders use the totora reeds for building their islands, houses, cooking and eating as well. Uros people have spoken Uro puquina language, but now a day they speak Aimara Language. There are about 90 artificial islands, besides guest houses for visitors, primary school and the reed boats the unique method of transportation. Following with our journey, we will visit another island, where locals offer to visitors passport stamp, besides you take a boat ride on the typical balsa. Taquile Island which is located in the major lake, to 37 km away from Puno, formerly called Isla Intiqa. Upon arrival at Taquile island we have hiking, enjoying along the way the escenery, the view to lake Titicaca and andes mountain range. Taquile is famous for its craft production, particularly for its beautiful textiles. The people still practice the moral principles of Inca as (do not steal) (do not be lazy) and (do not lie) that are still used among inhabitants. On the island, now a day live 2000 inhabitants approximately. Visiting non-tourist areas you will appreciate the pre Inca temples and farming terraces, traditional farming techniques and their customs. Lunch included on Taquile Island. Then we will back to Puno, then transfer to hotel.


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